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Gumball Tristopher Watterson was born July 25th at an unknown year. He is a blue tabby toon. His great grandfather Gartin Guther Watterson Jr was a civil rights activist for toons. He embraces his great grandfather's legacy every year at the anniversary of his death.

Acting career[edit]

Gumball Watterson made his major television debut in a popular cartoon titled The Amazing World Of Gumball. He soon became a star and eventually realized he had a bigger purpose in life. He quit the show on August 87th 2016. he stated, "I believed that the show needed a little more comedy, it didn't have much. It should've had a great comic relief, like Miss Piggy "He later got shot in the left leg that afternoon. He went to other acting careers but soon eventually quit acting in general.

Moving to Earth[edit]

When Gumball Watterson turned 34, he bought a time machine and went to Earth in 1983.

Gumball Watterson's home for 33 years.

The Elton John Phase[edit]

He soon became a fan of Elton John and eventually received plastic surgery to look like him. He had a dream were Lord Voldemort came to him and shot him in the back. Gumball was so shocked by Voldemort in the dream that he decided to befriend Adolf Hitler who told him he had to attack Elton John. When he awaken he saw that he had a destiny. He went to Elton John and punched him in the face. Elton John then beat him up and Gumball decided to hate Elton John.

Back to His Time and Planet[edit]

When Gumball Watterson was 67, he decided Earth was a boring place and went back to his time and planet.