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Gummybears... also known as "mans best friends"....

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first discovered in the secluded jungles of south east asia... they are thought to reside here for two reasons; 1)the great gummy bear crushing war(instigated by gummyoppresor XI-1605) wiped out 97% of there population.. and to escape further prosecution and torture at the hands of (gummyoppressor XI)they fled into the jungles. 2)it was difficult for gummy bears to live alongside humans in harmony, as gummy bears gave on a particular pheramone that drove humans wild and compelled them to LICK the gummy bears. This proved dangerouse for both parties as the gummy bears are made of sugar and this sugar even further compell's them humans to lick the gummy bears.


there are thought to be many reaosn for the violent acts agsint the gummy bears...

1) as a child he would chase gummy bears and terrorize the gummy bears at school, because they loooked diferent

2) as he got older he would bully them into giving him their lunch money

3) as a young man he would force the poorer population of gummy bears into cheap labor on his water farm. this was a dangerous occupation as water disolves sugar based entities. and many a gummy bear was lost to the cause of feeding there starving families who had in some cases resorted to nibbling there own legs and arms. in hope of some respite from the gnawing hunger in there yellow, red, green. or blue stomachs...

on the 4th of sepetmber 1623 GUMMYOPPRESSOR XI was publicly coated in chocolate and today stabnd in the town centre as a reminder of the evil deeds done , and the consequences of these deeds to future gummy oppressors!


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