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"Some people play with mesos, some people play with cards, some people play for gay points and then they hit it hard." -Official Gunbound Motto Gunbound (Full name Gunbound: World Champion, formerly Gunbound : Thor's Hammer, formerly Gunbound: Jesus' Revenge, and the expansion pack "Gunbound: Chuck Norris version") is a freeware, online only game for computer developed in South Korea. It is a turn based ballistic simulation game that is a rip off based off of the hit game series Worms which is another rip off an updated version of the greatest shooting game created Scorched Earth.

Originally the game was created to train the Korean army, but they all got sucked in, forming what is now known as the Soul Hole (commonly abbreviated Seoul).

Note: Some of this article is based off of Softnyx's imcomombprehensible translationion.


Players are assigned to opposing teams (red VS blue, because they're creative) to lazers each other in the face. The game uses pure luck and prayer as gameplay for its attacks. Teams are made up of asians who can't get dates and white people without dates who wish they were asians without dates. The players can choose between 16 internationally outlawed tanks, and may randomly be given one of two secret mobiles if they choose the random selection option. The different types of games are as follows:

  • Solo-Players are given one "life" to havoc on. Last team Win. It should be noted that team kills are encouraged and result in a x3 modifier, occasionally, a large disc shoots you in the face
  • Score- Each team gets 3-5 Star chips and must be last winners or one of their teamates is killed, they all lose a life and have to start from World 1-1. LAME.
  • Jewel-As in Solo, you are get life one to steal jewel from temple and be wise enough to not get run by boulder, if you are win. <3.
  • Tag- Just like the regular game, only with a meat shield backup and large laser guns as "taggers". Matches tag of are shortness and, in most cases, fail. : (

Win a game awarded mesos <3, with to buy pretty clothes. Cash is money in life and pays for more clothes in game! You're also given Gay Points (GP) to go up in ranks with...but that is only important if you care about the silver hammer a rank comes with. Bang Bang.

Players are given Avatars that they can dress up. They purchase clothing and accessories by playing the game or using their actual money like Mao Zedong. These Items upgrade stats like Damage, Armor, Shield Delay, Sexiness, Contra Delay, Cratering and Heart.


When the mighty God, Thor saw all the money this game was making, he beat the shit outta used his divine powers to alter the game. He created Thorbot. A flying machine that lazers all the unworthy below it. ALL PRAISE THE MIGHTY POWER OF THE LASER THING THEY CALL THOR!!!


  • Aduka-A blue spidery thing that shoots from its anus. It's powers include shooting lightning balls and haxing Thorbot. It's special attack creates a clone that damages multiple enemies that it touches, then flies off screen to go destroy an apocalyptic future version of some Japanese city.
  • Kal-A tank with a running nose that fires missiles. It's ammunition is a missile (of love), a ground destroying missile(of love). Its special is a flying time bomb (of pain,lol) that must be in the air for at least 4 seconds to transform to reach full damage capacity, which is really cool to watch.
  • Sate-A floating, round cannon. Above, A. Sate fires a tracer that tells the weapon thingy above it's head where to pity. It can fire straight or at an angle. It's special shoots straight down with a barrage of fool pitying (see Laser).
  • Bigfoot-A quad that is shaped like a big freaking trojan horse. Lacking any sort of guidance system at all, its tactics consist of firing a random assortment of numerous missiles enough to blow a hole in the moon. Its special is a little more accurate, more damaging version of the first, but causes little land damage when hitting a mobile. This mobile is also the most unique mobile as it is considered a lost link between men, commonly mistaken to be a humanoid. Not a tank. Seriously.
  • Boomer-A wooden tripod, wheeled, living boomerang. It shoots spinning petrified wood. Sensitive to wind.
  • Grub'..-A giant "tube". Shoots exploding balls out of its ass at faces. Sometimes balls deal touch damage and other times just emotional.
  • ice -A giant freaking Mammoth. His powers are shooting ice blasts and giant iscicles. His attacks lower enemies <3 defences for no particular reason.
  • JD-A flower pot without a flower *shudder*. His power involves pushing and pulling enemies as well as doing damage. He can't push people off cliffs though, he can only suck them into his large, gigantic butthole. Also if you watch him long enough, he turns into a cake. Yum. Noted for appearance (with a flower) in the popular cell phone game (the one with the spiders that sucks).
  • Frog- A big frog that spits loogies that explode. It's special shoots a beautiful, sparkling, wonderous pink loogie! That's it.
  • Kalsiddon (Kill yourself at Dawn)-A quad that is an A set fused with a bigfoot. He shoots missiles, with tracers.
  • Thunder-A 6 wheeled electricity machine. His shot create lightning, in ball and bolt form. His special cannot pass through enemies, but instead hits all mobiles near the spot where it hit.
  • Cape-A floating, glowing, caped staff equipped mobile weapon. He uses magic to shoot a beam and swirling dual beam to attack his foes. His special is a shield destroying radius blast.This mobile looks cool.
  • Nagmachine-A spider thing that fires poop...that travels hit the enemy. It does pretty well damage too.The special shot, I find this to be only rarely useful. It's a single projectile that does

below-average damage for a special. It completely ignores land, only detonating on a direct hit with a tank. Mainly I use it when there's land in between me and my almost-dead target, and there's a gap in the intervening land (otherwise I'd use the secondary attack instead). Oh, and watch out when it nags.

  • Roanlauncher-THE BABY LAUNCHER! Its first shot sends a tri-mined blast, too weak against bots to be worth using. Its shot 2 shoots 2 raon babies, that go kamikaze and slowly...slowly walk towards the nearest mobile. If that's you, you should probably have considered aborting them before shooting them, since you're screwed. It's special shoots one big fat baby that hunts down an enemy. Everytime it shoot, it look constipated, especially for special shoot.
  • Tricko-A giant triceratops, with a leaf for a seat and a flower for a cannon. Shoots exploding brussel sprouts of doom. His special shoots a rainbowy ball of land destroying mayhem. It does pretty well damage too.
  • Sea Turtle-It's a big turtle... with a cannon...that shoots streams of water (it might be piss, its hard to tell), or a big giant ball that splits into smaller balls...OF DOOM!!

Random mobiles[edit]

The following mobiles can only be selected by the Random feature. The chances of you getting them are: (the temperature of Antartica in degrees Celsius x How many buns can you stuff in your mouth)/ 100= your percentage of getting one.

  • Dragon-A huge fire breathing, damage dealing, somewhat flying dragon. He deals a hell of a lot of damage. Handles like a bionic, but hits like the Holy Fist of GOD. Also can't take a hit for nothing. It's weak spot is it's belly.
  • Knight-A big knight's horse. Attack with a satelite similar in style to A set... except A set is a pussy compared to this bad boy. Pussy, I say!
  • Death Knight-Almost the same as Good Knight except bigger and much much stronger. Attack with a death star and it can kill any mobile in gunbound with just 1 shot. The chances of getting this mobile is 1 out of how many times you took a piss in your lifetime. However you can go the google and search for 'death knight hack', then download it and you will get Death Knight whenever you select random. You will however become a pathetic loser and should slam your head on the wall until you can't see.
  • Jackie Chan: To show how much the nerds game makers loved Jackie Chan, they have included a random robot called "Jackie Chan Bot." So far 1 person has used it but he is unfortunately a 6 year old Korean kid. He has been so amazed, he has not left the computer for a century and is still trying to use the bot again. n00b!

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