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“ Why?. Why God, why?”

Gungans, have the streotypical image that they are stupid popularised by Jar Jar Binks.

They however, have more brains than you.

Jar Jar Binks. He is a Gungan, whom has fallen to the Dark Side, and popularised that they are stupid

It is well known the Gungans invented George Lucas. They also had no role whatsoever, in the creation of Kitten Huffing, thus being irrelavant. Compeltly irrelavant.

Role in Creating Fanfiction[edit]

Gungans are the unknown creators of fan fiction, along with God, a few Jesii and some smelly cake. This also represents their rather... creative mindset, as most fan fiction is slighly perverted. So very perverted, Gungans are. Indeed they are so very perverted in their creation of fan fiction that this perverted them further and resulted in the creation of Jar Jar, and his conversion to the Dark Side. Most Gungans after this embrassment spent their time in isolation, looking at either Amidala, or Jaina porn.


Eww, who wants to know? They created Jar Jar, the perversion of the universe so who really wants to know? It is however, known that tthey have large flappy things at the end of their ears,which seem to have no use whatsoever, exceptfor maybe containing brains (wait, no. That is the dominion of sexy girls with the extra creepy head things), this is unlikely, as to most observers theysimply serve as a whacky thing. It may be a vegative form of former perversion and lack of smell, as they have no nose.

Role in the creation of smelly cake[edit]

After the Gungans recovered from their porn session, they decided to create cake. Alas cake had already been invented, so thus they went and invented smelly cake, which comes in various flavours of smell, most notably mouldy. They, after cake being banned for testing after the Cake Right Acts of '92, created smelly cake illegially, by chaining up cake in cages and torturing them, with the smell of Jar Jar, thus killing over half of the test subjects. After the rapid deaths of the test subjects the Gungans decided that they must use something other then Jar Jar smell, and decided on passionfruit. After testing vigorously with only a 77% mortality rate, they decided to release it to the general public, only for their intelligence to fail them, and smelly cake only gaining 0.8899% of the market. They went back into seclusion after this point, still looking at some Jaina porn, though this time with some Daala mixed in and for the ladies, some icky Palpatine.

The end of the crappy article[edit]

In short, Gungans are perverted. This is however, not surprising.