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Gurkha are a group of soldiers who could have conquered the world had they not forgotten to fight for their own country rather than United Kingdom and India.

Values and Symbols[edit]

Gurkhas have a very strong code of belief. some of their values include, honesty/integrity, bravery, courage, fairness and efficiency. They are very professional in war and try not to let their emotions interfere. as such they are excellent peacekeepers.

One of their most important symbol is the khukri which is a legendary knife that the gurkhas used in previous wars. It has great symbolic meaning and are elaborately decorated and are ceremonious, like the Mat keris. However, a khukri could cut a Keris into 204283 different fragments with ease, such is its strenght.

Another symbol and their spiritual home is Mt. Everest which represents everything a Gurkha stands for, being the Top of the World. by the way everest is in Nepal, not USA.

Famous Wars[edit]

Gurkhas have fought in many many wars and usually are on the winning side. One of their most appreciated contributions were in WWII when thr allied forces had a Gurkha contingent which was rumoured to have assassinated Hitler. Gurkhas have also fought in the War of Middle-Earth and in War of Craft. Their bravery is unmatched and their skill is also such.


It is better to die than live a coward - this highlights the bravery factor but every gurkha is brave in his own way and the gurkha leaders are always merciful and fair.

Blood is thicker than water - needs no explanation, its true. cos of the blood cells n stuff in blood make it so thick while water is just hydrogen and oxygen, which are after all, just gases.

Gurkha Heirarchy[edit]

There is a legendary spiritual leader called king gurkha who the gurkhas look to for support and spiritual guidance. other than that, gurkhas have similar titles to the british military.

Gurkha names[edit]

Most gurkhas have the name 'Bahadur' at the end. it is difficult to translate into english but the word that best conveys the meaning is 'Superman'. but transalting into hindi, Bahadur just means brave. However superman suits them better.

Gurkha Alliances[edit]

  • The good guys.
  • Rafael Benitez, Spanish military genius who conquered Europe
  • Britsh SAS
  • Warcraft Elves
  • Hobbits
  • The rebel alliance

Gurkha Enemies[edit]

  • Terrorists


The gurkhas are very important in keeping our world safe. If not for them Sauron would have kilt us all or Hitler would have kilt us all anyway. The new evil the Gurkhas are on a mission to find Osama bin laden that arab bastard. Chances are, with the gurkhas help, we can destroy the bloody terrorists and make the world a safer and happy place.

By the way, they gurkhas own the bloody american army, seals, the british SAS, the nAzi SS and the Nazi Gestapo and the Al Qaeda fuckers. Don't mess with Gurkhas unless you are a gurkha yourself.