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The element Gm-Gymnasium (Atomic number +) is the fundummental element that sits in between Vm Vomitorium (Atomic Number -) and Md Medium (Atomic number =). Gymnasiun was descovered in 1939 by that one guy by fusing atoms of Es Exorsism (Atomic number !) and Mu Musium (atomic number &). However it wasn't untill the descovery of Ml millenium (Atomic number 1,000) that Gymnasium became abundant and relativly available to the public. Today Gymnasium is commonly used as a body enhansing steroid.

Chemical Behaveor[edit]

Gymnasium often reacts with:

  • Aq Aquarium
  • Ad Auditorium
  • Mx Maximum
  • Pm Podium
  • Id Iddium

Gymnasium Does not React with:

  • Nf Nefilium
  • Pn Pentium
  • Mi Minimum
  • Ct Critisisum
  • Eq Equilibrium

Cautiom: Gymnasium potentialy becomes dangerous when exposed to Sr sarcasm.

Also known as a place in a school where physical education takes place.

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