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The HP BeachJet scanner first went on sale at Wal-Mart in 1954 after Wallace Torvalds (the brother of and inspirational figure to Linus Torvalds) invented it, over a snowed-in weekend. Retailing for $666, it was an instant success. Drivers for the BeachJet were available on the SunOS platform (no Linux version exists because the original manufacturers refuse to offer specification documents).

HP snapped up the wildly popular beach-based document imager, and since then sales have dropped. HP's inclusion of Winn Dixie drivers resulted in many people being unhappy with the poor quality of the driver implementation. Being unable to find a "Print it y'all hear?" button, many users of the OSoid rang the Indian help centres, putting HP in severe financial risk and reducing the frequency of the much-appreciated and loved advertising campaigns by the retailing mega-giant.

Among many famous applications of the revolutionary product, the HP BeachJet was used in the creation of The Matrix to animate the character Trinity (from a stick-based beach drawing in wet sand).