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The hadith is the activation key to the open-source propogation programme called Quran, by the centuries old company Abrahamic. Previous releases from Abrahamic included Torah and Bible. These were the bestsellers, but other minor versions and upgrades were constantly released. Regular updates kept this software in the market, pretty much like regularly revised editions kept the Hindu company flourishing with notable releases like Advaita, dvaita, Vedanta, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism among other minor variations.

The hadith is not really so much the actication key as the product guide for the Quran, which is an extremely complex software to master. The hadith come in at this point to increase the confusion to extents that would make anyone admit that they do not understand, and everyone ends up writing testimonals to promote further sales of this software.

The development of this software was oroginally in ARABIC which is an acronym for "ambiguous resolution artistic buffers in code" It doesn't really mean anything, which is what enhances the value of the programme so that it tops even sliced bread on publicly voted lists of necessities.

Revisions in the pipeline[edit]

The hadith is currently coming under scrutiny for code errors, and the lines which cause conflict with the Quran software will likely be commented out to enhance the effectiveness of the combined package.

Sign up to be motified on new releases[edit]

Abrahamic.inc offers to notify prospective clients about the upgrade when it is available for release and those who wish to avail of this facility, may click here