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fuck me my breath is a reet halle beryy Ben Walker (local chink)

The Comet Halle Berry as she first appeared and causing plenty of early Medieval media frenzy.

Halle Berry (AKA 'Hairy Belly') is a carbon-based life form genetically programmed to prove that great sex exists and that you will never get any. This life form was discovered on July 23, 1066 as an unusually bright comet outside of Jupiter's orbit (7.15 AU!) by Alan Halle of Isle de Gilliganne and Chuck Berry of Memphis. The new comet, designated C/3P-O, seems to consist of tightly-packed cleavage, wrapped in black leather. Thus far, it appears much brighter than comet Grace Jones did at the same point in their careers.

HAW HAW me wanna be here! me idolise hawwe bewwey! - Ben Walker


It seems 'Halle Berry' was seen before by the Chinese astronomers who called her Madame Mao but in their defence it was a foggy day when they were looking. After that Halle returned to Earth every now again causing plenty of anguish and the biting of tongues until she decided to move to Hollywood where she was told the other 'stars' were and start a career in films.

Hello To Hollywood![edit]

The latest sighting of Halle Berry as seen through the 'Celestial Orbs Detector' - otherwise known as the Hubble Space Telescope which we know is really being used by sad geeks when they can't go to the bathroom for a quick tug.

Scientists had long wondered what Halle Berry was made of. More recent discoveries by a probe which brought back samples include the fact that its atmosphere appeared to include large quantities of sulphur and it had been thought that it had picked up some of the atmosphere of Jupiter, Saturn or perhaps Tinseltown. Since then she has gone into films, with her most notable roles being Fart Woman (2004, for which she won the Academy Award for Affirmative Action) as Flatulence Phillips, Robutts (2005) as Crappy, Perfect Stinker (2007), Things we lost in the Fartblast (2007), Class Fart (2008 - in production). Some critics have suggested that Halle is not made out to be an actress but would be better off out of this world once again.

Future Trajectory[edit]

Scientists are again decided what the ultimate fate of Halle Berry will be. Comets that have past their best are more than likely to fall into the Soap Star Galaxy next door. Once there Halle Berry may continue to shine a lot longer but that all depends on the other former bright celestial objects there (like Robert De Niro Career Reducing Dwarf Star or the Al Pacino Crapular Nebula) out lasting her or not.

However according to a more radical theory - Halle Berry's career could really crash and burn and this regular visitor to the solar system will have vanished for good. It is either that or Halle resorting to whipping out her charlies a lot more in future movies.

Going...Going....touchdown !


"Goddamn, look at those tits!" -- GOD

"Gilligan! You're fucking up our rescue again!" --Alan Halle

"You caught me playin' with my ding-a-ling." --Chuck Berry

"Breathe that Halle Berry Air" - Janet Street Porter in her book Rambling on Halle Berry

"I fucked her once, or three times."--[Rambo]

"MAKE ME FEEL GOOD!"--{Halle Berry}

"How can there be a Halle Berry page with NO ADULT CONTENT? That's like a Dolly Parton page that doesn't mention boobs"--Oscar Wilde

"i would rather have gaybuttsex than be in this weather" --Lachlan Berry

"Fucking duh!"--Robin Williams

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