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Halloween II is the first sequel to the 1978 horror classic, Halloween. The original cast and crew returned for this 1981 sequel, which picks up exactly where the previous film had left off. Only Jaleel White (a.k.a. Steve Urkel), Lamb Chop (Laurie Strode) and Nick Castle (Michael Myers) refused to sign on, but their footage from the original film was used in the prologue. The film was a huge hit, topping the box office for eight months. Many conspiracy theorists believe that this movie was really a plot to plant grue eggs into watchers. Unfortunately no one believed them so they watched the movie to prove it. They were seen again.


After the horrific events of Halloween, Michael Myers follows Laurie Strode to the hospital, where it is revealed that Laurie is Michael's younger sister, not his second cousin, twice removed. Michael then enters the hospital and begins killing people, big deal. One of the EMTs, Christopher Lloyd, falls in love with Laurie and proposes marriage. Meanwhile, Dr. Loomis is continuing his pursuit of the masked madman. He and Sheriff Brackett will stop at nothing to stop this evil once and for all. Back at the hospital, Michael gets lazy and starts watching I Love Lucy and the Dukes of Hazzard. After an hour or so, he falls asleep, giving Laurie enough time to escape. Finally, Loomis sets the hospital on fire, killing everyone inside... Except for Michael. Bump, bump buuuum!



John Carpenter had originally stated that he would not want to do a sequel for Halloween, but Vincent Price, Oscar Wilde, and Alfred Hitchcock insisted. After consuming a large amount of alcohol, Carpenter relented and wrote, produced, and scored the film. He decided to only direct a few scenes, while Drew Carey took the director's chair. With Halloween II, Carpenter decided to kill off Michael Myers once and for all and reserve the rest of the Halloween Series to anthology stories taking place on Halloween night.

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