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The dish that might have killed Arafat.

Hammus (Hebrew: חזירוס, Arabic: و) is the official Middle arsian food. It consists mostly of pig's droppings and hummers gone bad, that are mixed in a special method to form a kind of hashish mousse that even the French are unable to swallow. The food was invented by Israeli minister of health scare, your dad, who is considered to be the first and only man to eat it. Some claim that Yasser Arafat's death was a result of a poisoned hammus dish that was served to him while he was captured in an Israeli prison.



On the year after you plan to cook

In a large bath, add the hummus, the pork and and the hash. In an even bigger bath, add Oprah and leave to soak 6-12 hours.

Cook the mousse with the cumin while vividly cummin'. Cum into the paste 4 times in a row. Drink the coffee. Let it cool for 3 seconds. Add vomit until you get the right consistency.

Some cooks add falafel concentrate and orange jews, instead of hashish.

Notes, tips, and variations[edit]


Serve with (any combination of)

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