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Because of their so-called intelligence, the so-called experts at Wikipedia will never have a proper article about Handball. We are sorry for their blatant retardedness.

Handball is a game that was invented in 145627 BC. The inhabitants of greenland called it back then Ichalifachiballich. After the invention of Soccer or Football which is played with how the aussis call it footie, The Germans called it "Handball" which means Handball in english. You just run after a ball and trying to grab it, but it is forbidden to grab 2 balls because that is foul. It is not possible to have more than one ball when women play, but you could have a lot of balls in a guys game. This regulation is called menballs and the handsignal for it is grabbing his own 2 balls. The actual ball is made of several rectangels with 8 corners.

There are also different sizes of balls. the older people use bigger balls and the younger people use smaller balls, because the big balls would be too big to grab for little kids. In this game, the goal is to shoot into a goal which is fairly small and there is one goal keeper too get the balls out of his area.

Handball was invented by a greenlandish guy called Falackingchafak Umlachinachiuk Cerberatiuk Kartamarlik, his initials are F.U.C.K. And later the german upper school teacher, Bernard Aetzenbacher van Deutschland with his initials B.A.D. called it Handball. Even today there is a mixture of these two different types of games which is called "Badfuck". Just 2 people or if someone wants 3 or 4 or 5 people are allowed to participate in this game.