Happiness Robot

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All right, who put my picture on here? NOT FUNNY.

Happiness Robots, a form of robot that has a primary goal of spreading happiness (duh!), come in many varieties:

  • Rainbow Smilebots
  • Hugbot 3000
  • Sunshine Sparkletron 3.0
  • Soft-Candy Chuckleborg

If you should encounter a Happiness Robot, give it a hug and let the magic take you to a fun land of unicorns and stars where every day is Saturday and the world is full of dreams. Do not attempt to hug evil robots; they convert humans into fuel using a process that uses Margarine.

Happiness Robots should not be confused with gay robots.

Laws of Robotics[edit]

  • A Happiness Robot must sing happy songs of happiness with a happy smile.

Death and destruction[edit]

In 1993, a Happiness Robot went haywire and hugged 57 innocent people to death before it was terminated.