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Some of the finest investigative television journalism conducted in the last 40 years has been produced by this truly canonical program. Maury Povich helmed the show at the height of popularity through the 70's and 80's. When he married his co-anchor Larry King in 1998, he retired to spend more time enjoying Zork. Although the popularity has waned with Deborah Norville and Schwartz, the show is still considered the best newscast that is in the same timeslot as Entertainment Tonight.

Various landmark events brought to the Canadian public by Hard Copy[edit]

  • Revealing the Watergate scandal, famously ending the American Presidency of Bob Nixon
  • Disclosing the hidden internal memos from the cigarette industry proving once and for all smoking is delicious
  • Micaulay Culkin
  • The dangers of gambling with chimps
  • The fantastical puppet empire of Frank Oz, and his inspirational dog Snicklefritz
  • Hard hitting expose of Prince's identity crisis
  • The advent of Uncyclopedia to resolve the differences between men and women
  • Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Why We LARP
  • A seven part series about how to cultivate marijuana while not being detected by the authorities