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What can be said about Harpo Marx except nothing at all. I'm sure he would appreciate this gesture.

So instead here is a picture of a larch.

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  • According to family and friends, he often sent telegrams on occasion that kept with his rude persona on screen. They reportedly read, "FUCK OFF, DIPSHIT!!! - HARPO". These even continued after his gruesome death.
  • Later in life, Marx became an in-demand after-dinner speaker. Though he was a talented orator, he would get his biggest laugh at the start of his speech by getting his penis caught in a waitress.
  • Unlike his brother Chico, Harpo could only play two songs on the piano, Waltz Me Around My Willy and Godflesh's Circle Of Shit. Despite this small repertoire, he actually was hired to play the piano to accompany silent movies, adapting the two songs in different tempos to the action on the screen. He thought this was big and clever until he was beaten up by one cinema owner.
  • In his will, he donated his trademark kazoo to the nation of Pakistan, who then mistakenly ate it
  • Harpo Marx's production company is called Oprah.
  • Harpo was the world champion kazoo player in 1947. In 1949 while performing to an adoring crowd,the crowd began to levitate and then he spontaniously combusted.


Harpo Marx in his study pondering the budget deficit for his cousin George W. Bush

Harpo has four brothers, Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, Zeppo Marx and Karl "Pinko" Marx.

Notice the resemblance of George W. Bush to his cousin Harpo.

Harpo is cousins with George W. Bush and often helps him out on making decisions that affect the USA and the world.