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Miers first caught the imagination of America as an NBC sitcom regular.

Harriet Miers is a member of the George W. Bush Family. She is the informally adopted daughter of Don Bushie.

She Needs a Home[edit]

She was found, homeless, at age 11 by Karl Rove, who took her home and saw her taken in by the Bushie. Although the Don never formally adopted her, thinking that this would be an act of disrespect to Miers' parents, Miers thought of Don Bushie as her true father.

She Needs a Job[edit]

Miers in 1902.

After graduating from law school in 1923, Miers offered to work for Don Bushie as though she were one of the Don's own daughters. Her non-Earthling ancestry precluded her formal membership in that Mafia Family, but after the death of Genco Abbandando, Miers acted as consigliere to Don Bushie. Unlike us mortals who are made of Soylent Green, she's made of a piece of rock:

"She's not going to change ... 20 years from now she'll be the same person with the same philosophy that she is today." -- Georgie

In October, 2005, Don Bushie rewarded Miers with the second Supreme Court vacancy of his Crime Family, rewarded to him by God.

While she loved all the Bushies, Miers always idolized Condi, and when Condi was murdered, Miers blamed herself. After Don Bushie's death, Michael Brown removed him as consigliere, restricting him to handling the Family's legal business. Miers accepted this decision and remained loyal.

In 2003, in an inteview with Salon.com, Miers referred to Bush as "the most brillia - I mean, muscularly tense man I've ever met", stating that the President "persistantly walks with his feet pointed slightly outward. That puts far too much pressure on the rectuss femoris, severely neglecting his soleus and sartorius muscles."

According to The God and the Father, Part III, Miers died sometime around 1975. Her son became a priest. She's a virgin!

She Needs a Position[edit]

She is a lawyer, and has serviced Don Bushie for many years, in many positions. In return, he turns her into a justice. But other than being a family servant, she still lacks a position on each and every topic. Maybe she prefers doggy style but we really know nothing about it.

She lost to Judge Judith Sheindlin[edit]

George bush recanted his nomination for Harriet Miers and instead nominated Judge Judy for Supreme Court Justice. "I like the way she handles these black peoples, I hate them too, like how shes very snappy and mean, gonna have a bright future" Judge Judy's supreme court record to date: bitched out a crazy old lady who thought AT&T was monitoring her fax machine "lady, we dont want to hear it, show me proof, show me proof", told 14 year old boy he was a moron and that his parents are stupid for letting him out after 8:00pm and in the biggest case so far had her bailiff take a nice black man out of the court room for talking out of turn. Bush has responded by saying "Doin a great job Sheindly."

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