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“I shall not get bewitched by this idiot.”

~ Christopher Columbus on Harry Potter

“He is not an idiot.”

~ Satan on Harry Potter

“Technically he's not idiot since his IQ is obviously greater than 19.”

~ Charles Darwin on Harry Potter

“Everyone should hate him. The theists think he will ruin their traditions, the agnostics don't like to talk about supernatural things, and the atheists think he is like the religious stories.”

~ Albert Einstein on Harry Potter
This is the person you are reading about.

Harry Potter is a wizard who lives in the Wizarding World. By the year of 2018, he is 37 years old. Many people hate him because of many reasons like how his potions are made out of real herbs.

Early Life[edit]

This is what started it all.

Harry Potter's parents died when he was one year old. His father was playing poker with a newbie named Voldemort and a non-newbie named Pedobear. When Harry's father won the game, Voldemort was mad at him since he lost $5,000,000. He killed both of Harry Potter's parents because of that and Harry had to live in his Aunt's house.

Years at Hogwarts[edit]

This is the school Harry Potter went to.

When Harry was 11 years old, he joined the wizard and witch school called Hogwarts. There, he killed a bunch of villains and learned a lot about magic.

Killing Voldemort[edit]

Harry Potter was a high school dropout. He quit school when he was 16 years old. He decided to kill Voldemort because of what he did to his parents. He removed an immortality spell off of Voldemort. After that, he killed Voldemort when Voldemort attacked Hogwarts. Everyone then liked Harry.

After the Death of Voldemort[edit]

Harry Potter grew up and had three kids: James, Albus, and Lily. Albus and one of his friends stole a time machine to revive one of Harry's dead friends, Cedric. This messes up history and Harry Potter has to fix it. Eventually, Harry fixes everything. However, another villain steals the time machine and goes back in time to kill Harry as a baby. Harry finds another time machine and travels back in time with his wife and two friends. There, they fight the villain. Harry kills the villain and travels back to 2018, which was the year he was in before.

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