Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Jesus

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Jesus is the most recent novel in the Harry Potter series written by Slappo the inverted pig.

Half-Blood Jesus[edit]

The latest in the Harry Potter series, Harry returns to Genitalwarts to discover that he will be called upon to save the world yet again. However, before he can do so, Harry's enthusiasm for magic and his Defence Against Dark Arts Professor gains the attention of Satan. With the help of Satan's auesome powers, Satan turns himself into a dildo and inserted himself into Harry's colon and mind. Using his mind control powers, Satan instructs Harry to kill Horse Boy, a Mexican Chinese dude, a notable mastermind of the Gay Agenda, and the alter ego of George.W.Bush. But Harry, who is pure and virginal (Yeah right), cannot commit such an unspeakable act. Instead, Horse Boy must kill Half Blood Jesus(a French guy who has political ties to the Democrats)since Satan won't be happy unless someone dies gorily(what would he masturbate to?).This pleases Satan, who enjoys seeing frenchies killed as much as the next all around good American. Harry is once again left uncertain as to the events of the next year, having no idea what the hell just happened.

This book should please all the homos out there as it has anal penetration and is exclusivley about men.