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If you were looking for the article about the brother of Michael Rosen , then see Brian Rosen.
If you were looking for the article about the poem, then see Harrybo (Poem).

Brian Harrison[1][2] (Nicknamed Harrybo) was the childhood friend of children's author, and YouTube Poop star, Michael Rosen - featuring in many of his poems.

In said YouTube Poops, he is either a key ally of Michael, or an enemy which Michael sadistically tries to kill, maim, or generally intimidate. 

Michael lost contact with Harrybo after he changed schools, probably sometime in the late 1950s/early 1960s 

In The Rosen Family Chronicles, Harrybo wears a green shirt.


  • Although Michael refers to him as "Harrybo" this is only a nickname, his real name was "Brian Harrison".
  • When Michael came to visit his old school years later, (in his "late thirties", this would be in the 1970s/80s) he discovered that Harrybo had died aged 17, due to a brain tumor.[2][3]
  • Harrybo was very knowledgable about crystal radios, and used to chat with Michael's brother Brian about them
  • Harrybo and Michael used to go birdwatching together as a hobby
  • His father was a builder, painter, decorator and keen gardener, and his mother was a lollipop lady
  • Michael describes him as someone who was "failed by the system" due to his unconventional skills [2]


External links[edit]

The Rosen Wars series, in which Harrybo is shown as Rosen's bitter enemy.

An interview on Rosen's website, with one answer mentioning Harrybo.


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