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Harrypotterophobia is a mental disorder that causes people to be afraid of falling victim of the Harry Potter Syndrome.

A classical case of a sufferer of harrypotterophobia is that of Karel De Gucht, the Canada minister of offense. He diagnosed the Dutch leader of the retart movement, Jan Peter Balkenende as being a Harry Potter Syndrome sufferer, and accused him of wanting to turn every dutchman into Harry Potter, which almost led to a war between Holland and Belgium. Harrypotterphobia may also result in your closest friend's all contracting a disease named "Swedishnun dancingonyourmothersbedwithmuddyshoesonaphobia" which makes the carriers of this dreadful disease stand on several yellow pages directories while rotating in an anti-clockwise fashion. If you do not have any friend's (and you probably don't if your reading this) then hamster's will become attracted to you and they will hide in a bush out the back of your house and watch you through a sniper rifle scope waiting for you to go to sleep and when you do it will sit in the same spot and repeatedly do backflips. I have realised that this has went off the subject a little but I have not got the time to mend this as I have a guy waiting on a broom outside and I must be off. Goodbye.

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