Hasselhoff capacitor

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Expert Engineers Mr Coleman and Mr Hasselhoff after fitting the patented Hasselhoff capacitor to their automobile

The Hasselhoff capacitor (Der Hasselhoff Kompensator) is an engine used by automobiles such as KITT, James Bond's Aston Martin and the car that looked like a dog in "Dumb and Dumber". Whereas a normal vehicle might use an internal combustion engine or feet (see The Flintstones), cars such as KITT used several fusion kittens and harnessed their power in conjunction with the Hasselhoff capacitor to provide enough energy to power a small city (say, about the right size for 2 or 3 thousand mice).

The Hasselhoff capacitor worked in unison with the fusion kittens to provide more patented Hoff-juice per mile which resulted in a hairier ride.

The Hasselhoff capacitor was invented in 1975 by David III of Germania but was stolen from him by the dreadful Dick Dastardly in 1977 in order to win the Wacky Races