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A perfect example of hax in CS: SOURCE.
The new Hug a HAxx0r T-shirt, made by n00bs, for n00bs

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“I haxor joor comp nub”

~ Bill Gates on haxees

“All my quotes that I have never said”

~ Oscar Wilde on Hax

“The lack of gay jokes at my expense”

~ Stephen Gately on Hax


~ Dr. Hax on Chuckles the Cheat

Hax, also often referred to as hacks or h4x, is a 1337 word used to describe how much better someone is than you, mainly used while playing Online Video Games. It is usually used by n00bs when they lose, and it often replaces going to cry to your mother, or going on the Oprah Winfrey show and jumping up and down on her couch shouting that you're not gay. Tom Cruz-Shipp (often mistaken for Cruise).

Hax Terminology[edit]

  • Hax - The noun of the object, "hax". Generally used by 1337speakers.
  • Haxor - One who uses hax, usually an outcast who is very ugly and useless to society.
  • Haxee - The victim of the Haxor's Hax, who will usually become emo and sit in a corner daily for the rest of their lives, afraid to show off their skillz again.
  • Hacks/Hack - The Haxor uses his axe to hack into Haxees.

How do I use hax?[edit]

Well, first you start by buying a game that you don't know how to play, then immediately going to Online Mode and getting pwned by all the players. This will result in a general applause of "Noob!", "Rofl!" and "Lololololol!" Ignore these people, as they are insignificant and will not be missed when the world ends. Go to a dodgy website with pr0n down the sides and find a hax. Download the hax and laugh in an evil manner. Now, apply your hax! Next, pwnz0r people until you are bant from the Server. Now, you get Chuck Norris to pwndizzle the banning nubs so you can hax again. Rinse & Repeat.

Hacking Life[edit]

Experts suggest that it may be possible to hax0r life. For example, a recent study showed that it is possible to use an aimb0t while using a camera to get excellent photos of chicks at the beach in the blink of an eye to avoid being caught. While using the aimb0t the user does not even need to look in the direction the shot is being taken and can conceal the camera in mere miliseconds.

The establishment of the Arabic Hax[edit]

Leon is the ultimate hax. This was his first hax into the mainframe:

roflzor ownt newb lmaonaise. hax mainframe. haxing ha[[xxx]xxxxxxxxx]]ing. haxxed mainframe. Firing cruz missile at the n00b countries. No more fuckin' lebanon! lolzor ownt the noob b17ch5