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The saga of Hayseed Dixie began as the brainchild of the Apostle Mark, in The Deep South of Israel, in the year 0.

Too Much Thinkin Goin On[edit]

Thought by many to be the progenitors of the Hard Rock and Metal genres, they're not. Those people are all wrong. They, themselves, prefer to think of themselves as Bluegrass or Moonshiner Rap. They're wrong, too.

The band has sold in excess of 13 copies of their famous album, “A Hillbilly Tribute to Thermodynamics”, and has a devout following of a small chicken, called Norbert, which they ate last 4th of July with some cole slaw.

Tribute Bands[edit]

They are believed to have spawned many tribute bands. One of the most prolific is AC/DC, however the sound of the music is very different. Hayseed tries to pursue an acoustic sound using only banjos and bottles marked "XXX," which children are not allowed to see. AC/DC are known for their very heavy distorted guitars. The problem, some think, is that they are made of lead. But at least after attending a Hayseed Dixie concert you will likely be able to smell cigars again.

AC/DC have copied most of Hayseed Dixie’s music- such as Back in Black and Ace of Spades. Their response to questions on this was a bit long and rambling, but in effect their blame their manager. Other tribute bands to Hayseed Dixie are Black Sabbath, Outkast and Our Lord Jesus Christ (OLJC).


For more information on the band, such as history and bios, please read the band’s autobiography, “The Bible”, available most places.

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