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Helms Deep (just east of Camerica) was originally founded by 4 gay men who were kicked out of their country, the Shire for their protests on gay marriage, and their gay pride marches. The gay group as is; Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gammy, Captain Obvious and Candy Pop Drag Queen (who claims to be friends with Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson) immediately headed for the South-West areas, when they discovered disco-dancing. They formed a group and became so famous that they ventured in Mordor, a land where only the best dancers can survive. After featuring in seven films (Saturday Night Fever, Sunday Night Fever, Monday Night Fever, Tuesday Night Fever, Wednesday Night Fever, Thursday Night Fever, Scarlett Fever), they split up after Frodo became infatuated with liqourice. He later returned to appear in a Run DMC video, but after his roles in The Godfather, Frodo could never recapture his camp, androgenous ways. He subsequently became a ballerina.

Helms Deep Today[edit]

Today, Helms Deep is known as a gay gathering. Even featured celebrities come visit, including Elton John, Roudolf Hitler, George.W. Bush, Gandalf, Jesse Mcartny, Yu-gi-oh fans and the cast of Brokeback Mountain. Tourists often come to get theur picture taken with the giant penis statue that stands in front of the 'Gayslative Building.' Helms Deep has been attacked 27 times, 26 of which the wars were lost. Eventually, the President decided it was a good way to keep gay marriages out of the country for good.