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Welcome to the Undictionary, an ick!tionary of all things best left unsaid.

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Editing Undictionary: From A to Z, or Zed, or was it Zee?[edit]

Undictionary entries reside in Category:Undictionary (or under large rocks) and the "Undictionary:" prefix precedes the name of the individual entries.

When creating a new Undictionary entry, please use the namespace "Undictionary:" (with no trailing space) in front of the article title and include the {{dict}} tag in the entry itself.

By their nature, dictionary entries tend to be one or two paragraphs with rather simple formatting and no included media files.

A series of templates is used to aid in assembling the individual definitions into 26 main pages, Undictionary:A through Z.

Undictionary templates[edit]

There are currently three Undictionary-specific templates:

  • {{dictionary}} is the table of contents header for Undictionary, included at the top of all main pages (only)
  • {{dict}} is the [[Category:Undictionary]] category tag for inclusion in your individual entries
  • {{def|Name of Your Word Definition...}} causes your text (from article Undictionary:Name of Your Word Definition...) to be included inline.

The main pages Undictionary:A - Undictionary: Z are constructed nearly entirely from templates; please do not add other body text (of your definition itself) there.

The list of definitions[edit]

The 26 main dictionary pages Undictionary:A through Undictionary:Z are built from templates which retrieve the definitions and display them inline. These pages, to be overwritten periodically with the latest list of Undictionary entries, internally look like:

== Q ==

Effectively, each is a page of a dictionary on which the individual definitions are automatically inserted according to these tags.

All pretty boring and even a robot could generate these... and maybe a robot should generate these?

Any other added text on these main pages may and likely will be lost upon the next update of the generated indices. To view the full, current list of Undictionary entries, click here.

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