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Because IP editors aren't people.

But seriously. There are a few handy-dandy reasons to create an account on Uncyclopedia, as opposed to editing as an unregistered user:

  1. You get your own userspace! In your userspace, you can create just about anything you want, even something that normally wouldn't survive as its own article. (Provided you aren't cyberbullying, of course.)
  2. Your votes on pages like VFH count as a full point instead of half a point.
  3. You get to make a nice sig, with which to spread and advertise your gloriousness on discussion pages. (As well as marking what you've posted.)
  4. Creating an account with which to edit is actually safer than editing anonymously, as your account's username is stored in the edit histories of pages, as opposed to your IP address.
  5. Contributions from registered users are actually taken seriously!
    • Well, what we really mean to say there is that creating an account demonstrates that you're more committed to contributing positively (hah, like anyone ever does that around here) than you otherwise would be. So at the very least, you'll enjoy a little more e-peen by signing up.

Registering with Uncyclopedia is not mandatory, as unregistered editing is allowed. However, if you're going to stick around and make lots of yummy, worthwhile contributions, why not create an account anyway and earn proper recognition for your achievements? You can even plaster your userpage with nifty awards earned from said achievements.

Creating an account[edit]

Creating an account on Uncyclopedia is easy. Visit Special:Userlogin and hit "Create an account". From there just enter the required information and hit Create Account, and you're all done! Note that you do not need a valid email address to create an account, though you may optionally enter one.

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