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In Japan, Hentai (変態, へんたい) is Mainichi Shimbun ((毎日)変態新聞, (まいにち)へんたいしんぶん) or their Engrish Mainichi Daily News ((毎日)変態デイリーニューズ, (まいにち)へんたい - ) or its WaiWai (猥々, わいわい). They originated the truth of hentai and contributed to the establishment of the global brand of Japanese hentai. The fact is clear that they described "hentai", with names of other newspapers "asahi" and "yomiuri", as a keyword in the <meta> element of their website.


Hentai was born in 1872 for spreading their hentai, as the first modern newspaper in Asia. In WWII, one of them have created the tempting mad story of the 100-killed soldier by katana that is rusted by cutting down some times. After the WWII, the main actor of the story was excuted in Sugamo. Everybody including all Japanese people[1] believed the story had been real.


Under the period of progress of Japan, Hentai have first suggested the hentai in the present meaning, with themselves.

Takichi "Sukekomashi" Nishiyama (西山スケコマシ太吉, にしやま - たきち) poked a government official woman a lot of times, number of payments you have been paid for your lifetime. He have created non-fictional hentai porno, he and she have appeared all, a lot of times, number of pieces of bread you have eaten ever. The studio is the meeting room located on the highest floor of their headquarter building in Takebashi, Tokyo. We have been able to watch the imperial palace behind windows on the studio. After the shootings, there have been meetings of Hentai executives, have been all excited with their own pocket monsters looking blotches of her juice and smelling the flavor of his juice. (.) (.)

But Japanese people in those days had no tolerance against their creations. Hentai died in 1977, during the energy crisis.

Second Aggression[edit]

Hentai pursued and pursued to people of importance and have just supported by yakuzas, excommunicate Buddhist monks and all would-be Japanese people with so-called Asian graciousness. Hentai have become great victorious.

Hentai was inspired Marxism and liberalism. They started to get going with edit and other activities.

  • Ring a tocsin guarding against terrorism for which one of them had done that in Jordan. His name is Bomber Gomi (五味ボマー, ごみ - ).
  • Ira "Witch" Ishida (石田魔女衣良, いしだ - いら) spelled the chant of "Silent Majority" and changed the percentage of the element on a canvass from 3 to 95.
  • Pak "Freedom" Chong-ju (朴フリーダム鐘珠, パク - チョンジュ) appealed the liberation of sexuality from Hirohito.
  • Emy "Obstets-killer" Aoki (青木産科キラー絵美, あおき - えみ) had told Japanese people importance of sex and duty to sex without making any child, especially in Nana where she had lived, before she bore her child at the obstetrics in Osaka[2].


There are the trusted media!

Hentai also have heighten their power of hentai and imagination. And they have fused the both.

Hentai have been feeling the breath of the wind named globalization. They have become a "creative" secondary source provider about hentai, especially in Engrish. They have choosed primary source providers properly. They included Real Knackles (実話ナックルズ, Jitsuwa Knackles) and Weekly Facts (週刊実話, Shukan Jitsuwa), whose names have represented by trusted media.

Hentai have provided the most scoops about hentai of all over the world. For example, see the list below:

  • Pokemon means erected penis, edited by Takeshi "Mystique" Ito (イトウ幻獣タケシ, いとう - たけし).
  • Japanese mothers mouth the cocks of their sons encourage their passes of entrance examinations by Ryann "Fantastic" Connell (ライアン妄想捏ねる, - ライアン - コネル), and Hentai produced and sold many hentai adult videos, after Sukekomashi, which accounted 80 percents of their gross sales.
  • Japanese tourists enjoy raping slaves in Vietnam, and hunting children in Ecuador by Masuo "Kage-bunshin" Kamiyama (カミヤマ影分身マスオ, カミヤマ - マスオ), their subsidiary UNICEF Japan Incorporated (日本ユニセフ株式会社, にほんゆにせふ - かぶしきがいしゃ) had condemned Japanese children's porno, of which number is much less than those in America, and both Organization of American States and the ambassador of US have followed.
  • There was no Jewish victims under Nazi by an anonymity and Hentai always criticize anonymous forums.

Present Situation[edit]

Few of Japanese people are native speakers of Engrish so that they didn't notice hentai of Hentai, before late spring of 2008.

Mist have cleared that one Japanese found one of the large numbers of their hentai articles on WaiWai. There have been disasters of censures, at internet forums, blogs, backstairs, hospitals, telephone lines, every customers' centers and almost of meetings of Hentai sponsors and every public spots despite the government and mass media.

On the other hand, Hentai excused English readers as a handiwork of minority group and fascists, sponsors to keep putting ads for Hentai's Noblesse Oblige and Japanese readers for making waves[3] proven by a hentai-fantasic verification. And the former manager of internet media, Yutaka "Muscular" Asahina (朝比奈ムキムキ豊, あさひな - ゆたか) "demoted" to CEO.

Now, everybody includes BENSON[citation needed], who know their exploit takes hentai to every articles of "Mainichi Shimbun", whether each of them is correct or not.

In addition, we have just found the reason of self-trashed "sold"-newspapers called oshigami (押し紙, おしがみ)[4]. Leaving needless papers to delivery depots are not going to recycling centers. These are used for cleaning brave dicks and glorious vaginas of Hentai editors that have been always masterbating at Takebashi, Umeda and etc. Yay.


  1. Family members of the actor excluded.
  2. Praised of her achievement, she have made a success of her life leaving for Tokyo headquarter.
  3. They have never apologized for their assistance in crimes and for their hentai-fantasic articles in print.
  4. It is said every newspapers in Japan have their oshigami papers. But number of these of Hentai are extremely huge, 1 to 3 oshigami papers per 4 sold papers for each delivery depot.

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“There is no legal duties for newspapers to report the truth.”

~ Attorney Akemi "Fascist" Inada on Hentai, one of her accounts

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