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Hentaium is an idiotic element. It is the lightest of the fetishides, usually being the least reactive. However, like all the fetishides, it reacts with many elements, causing them to enter excited energy levels.


The first traces of hentaium were found in a rare compound called edotine, which was only ever forged in medieval Japan. Hentaium was first isolated from edotine in Japan in the early 20th century, but was not identified as an idiotic element until the mid 20th century by American scholars, who named "hentaium". However, in most of the world (including Japan) it is known as etchine, just to piss off the Americans (like with aluminum and tungsten).


A scientist observes tentaclons emanating from a sample of hentaium.

Hentaium is nominally composed of two boytons, two tentaclons and two girlons. Depending on the subatomic arrangement, it is categorized as existing in different states:

  • Nominal: boytons and girlons in the nucleus, tentaclons orbiting
  • Yaoinized: boytons in the nucleus, tentaclons and girlons orbiting
  • Yurinated: girlons in the nucleus, tentaclons and boytons orbiting
  • Fapized: girlons and tentaclons in the nucleus, boytons oribiting in an exited state
  • Shlickized: boytons and tentaclons in the nucleus, girlons oribiting in an exited state

Because of the natural repulsion between many of the particles, some states are harder to achieve than others.

There are many other possible sub-particles that can be contained in or near hentaium, giving it other properties, such as:

  • Shotans or Lolitons: Undeveloped boytons and/or girlons: make it impossible to duplicate the particle outside of the laboratory.
  • Furritons: Create extreme reactions in Otakium.
  • Incestons: Cause unusual interaction within the hentaium family.
  • Gurons: Causes destruction of some particles.
  • Bukkakium: Causes girlons to become "sticky" (more attractive).


Quantum theory dictates that you cannot observe hentaium without being changed charged by it. WARNING: Prolonged exposure to any form of hentaium can create a pleasurable sensation, especially in the genetails. It is recommended that people under age 15 do not touch hentaium.