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“I have never seen so many herbs in my life and wondered how they evolved.”

~ Charles Darwin on herbs

A herb is a plant with leaves seeds and flowers.

This is catnip, a type of herb.

Uses of Herbs[edit]

Herbs are used for many things. They include:

Herb Kingdom[edit]

In the year of 2788 B.C.E., a man named Herberberberb made Herb Kingdom and became King Herberberberb.

Rise of Herb Kingdom[edit]

Herberberberb got an army of 10,000 followers in 2788 B.C.E. The army killed a bunch of people in three months and Herberberberb became king of Shitville, the land were he lived. He changed Shitville's name to Herb Kingdom. He made his kingdom grow by building a bunch of buildings. By 2759 B.C.E., Herb Kingdom had some of the largest buildings ever.

Golden Age of Herb Kingdom[edit]

Gathering was the main business in Herb Kingdom. The people of the Herb Kingdom would gather a bunch of herbs. Other occupations included botany, making medicine out of herbs, and cooking with herbs. The only non-herb occupations were being a politician and a soldier.

Fall of Herb Kingdom[edit]

In 1629 B.C.E., a bunch of dragons that weren't from Herb Kingdom (since there were no dragons in Herb Kingdom) declared war against Herb Kingdom. The current king, King Breh, sent his army, now 30,000 people, to fight the dragon army. However, the dragons killed all of his army by 1627 B.C.E. The strongest dragon, Dragonononon killed King Breh and established Meat Kingdom since dragons are types of carnivores.