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Hoobert Heever was the first robotic President of America. He was created when JD Rockefeller combined one of his dead worker's bodies with an industrial vaccum cleaner (which was actually a Hoover, but was misread as "Heever" by Mr. Rockefeller).

He went on to create hovels in small South American countries and purportedly once slept with Augusto Pinochet.

His eventual downfall came when it was revealed that he was having regular oral intercourse with Your Ex-Wife. He was tried before a jury of door to door salesmen who reportedly resented him for his apparent bastardization of the brand name of their products. As a result, he was found guilty of promoting anarchy, and sentenced to a lifetime of writing closed captioned subtitles for Cosby Show reruns.

Heever during the Not so great Depression

Please note that Spoonerists insist on referring to Mr. Heever as Herbert Hoover.

Hoover's wife