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Hey, <insert name here>, look at this![edit]

"Guys, check this out!"

I was on this news page, which I found when I was researching the UN, and I found this site. It seems to be a UN funded version of Wikipedia. Have you finished your assignment? No? Okay then, I'm pretty sure that this is the site to use for it. Oh, has Pete done his assignment yet? Hey, Pete! Come and see this! I was on a site called UN News and then I tried to go to it's homepage, as I was at the time on an article about Bin Laden, so I clicked on this old fashioned globe thing, and I ended up on this site. Check it out, it's a potential well of information for our assignment. Yeah, I know, like Wikipedia. This means that we can copy and paste from here and no-one will find out! They'll check Wikipedia, won't they, and completely miss out. Ha, yeah, I know. There's loads of stuff like this now, isn't there, where some minor company tries to make a replacement for another site. Like those weird "Ask.com" adverts. What the hell are those about?

Oh, you have to log in...[edit]

Guys, I think you have to log in, to use this site. Shit. I hope that doesn't mean that the school could trace us to this site. I know, I won't use my real name! OK, er... William... er... Sing... Ha, yeah. Password? Erm... Penis! Ha ha. OK, now the school will be after William Sing! Hacking is awesome! Ha, I totally sound like a geek! Pete log in on that computer, yeah, and look for another site like this. And then find some porn.

Let's look up the UN[edit]

OK, it seems to be a sensible article, It's not too long either, so we might've written it. What do you press to copy? Ketrel... C. Done, yeah. Ha, look, they misspelled Peer Review! Oh my god! Look! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I'll see what that is. maybe we could edit the reviews so they say about Pee! Er... What the fuck's a noob. I don't get this page. oh, I'd better paste this into something before the computer loses it. Right.

I wonder if this site has personal statements on it[edit]

We could copy a personal statement, that way we could spend more time playing rugby

Personal... Statement... search. Nothing, I don't think. Shit. Oh, UCAS... Search. hey they've got something about UCAS but... no it doesn't have personal statements on it... Shit. What's that page? Conservapedia. Why are there so many? I'm gonna write "Everyone has AIDS" on the page about AIDS. How do you... "edit". Er, Shit, it's all in some kind of code. Why do they call it the encyclopedia that anyone can edit. You clearly can't. I'll just type it and see what happens. Save page, OK. It's written it! Ha! It's on the internet! Oh my god. hey, how come it's written it here as well... Oh my god, someone had already written that on here! How wierd's that. I feel strangely hollow now that someone has made the same joke as me.

I'm gonna write an article about you. I'll say you are a dick, probably. When will we realise that the way we do this macho punch each other for fun thing is more than slightly homoerotic. OK, <insert name here>... has... no... pe... nis... and... loves... it... up... the... bum... hole... How do you put images on this? Er, nevermind. This site is so much better than Wikipedia, you can, like, edit it.

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