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A highlighter is a method of education, in which the reader magically learns the contents of a textbook by pressing the highlighter onto the important words.

Two students using highlighters to study for a test
What happens if you sniff a highlighter...

Many highlighters come in bright, often neon colours, such as yellow or pink , but also come in plainer colours such as sperm white blue, green, or purple.

Word processing software has the ability to simulate highlighting capabilities by squirting ink onto the monitor. A cleaning device is still being tested at Big Brother Laboratories.

Usually highlighters will not show up if the paper is photocopied, or if the owner totally forgot his highlighter, and no one has an extra for him to borrow. This sucks if a student needs to photocopy a fellow student's notes in order to catch up on missed work; the other student's highlighting is gone, and now he totally needs to re-read and re-highlight everything.

The word "Highlighter" is a registered trademark of the Miller Brewing Company, which refers to it as "The Champagne of Office Supplies."