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21 January 2007


~ Oscar Wilde on Impersonating Hillary Clinton

It's official: Hillary Clinton is looking to move back into the White House, and this time she will throw fireballs at anything in her way.

The Six year Superhuman Hillary Clinton is a wannabe candidate for the president, and no-one was surprised when she formed a superpower army, in an attempt to blow up the white-house

But she does not go unchallenged: Superhuman Obama, or, as he likes to be called - "Superbama", has formed his own Superpower army in yet another attempt to destroy the white house for dominancy over the USA.

But for now, the world will be concentrating on the spectacular duel between Clinton and Superbama: the first woman and first African-American to be front-fighters for their armies.

Ever since she entered the limelight as first lady to Bill Clinton, Hillary has counted on one of the the most powerful attacks in the universe: A huge, green and blue fireball that emits sparks of energy: One hit from one of these sparks can send you flying off the planet.

Superbama, However, uses more discreet attacks such as "Big Red hot thing", or "Hurry up and die!".

Democrats worry the country may be suffering from Clinton-fatigue, Hillary's special ability which lets anyone near her fall asleep.

Her handling of Monica Lewinsky scandal could also be a flashpoint. Hillary Clinton famously boiled her alive in a big cauldron.

Next to her White House experience, Clinton has another key advantage over the other Superhumans: money. Experts say Superhumans need a 100-million-dollar 'Power Ball' to fight for the presidency. This is something That Obama lacks.

Luckily, Superbama has the advantage of not being Bat Fuck Insane, which is believed to be the way that Superbama is going to win in the huge superduel that rages between him and Hillary Clinton