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This is HIM's very speshel pixel thingy. It looks like a 3-pointed cock and a heart

HIM is a Finnish man/boy-love cult and anal enthusiast organization which grows within, and is perpetuated by, the beast known as Hot Topic. In a polygamous relationship with Bam Margera, the x-Husband of the Lebanese Star Lina Obeid (AKA Nuzeye), the organization seeks to terrorize the intellectual capacity of reasonable human beings by wearing dark things and talking about funerals and 666 (lyk3 t0tally c00l!). They are totally legitimate artists, they wear eyeliner!


  • Ville Valo- Vocals, God
  • Mikko "Linde" Lindström- lead guitarist, rusty trombonist
  • Migé Amour- bassist
  • Emerson Burton- Keyboard/ a old electronics co.
  • Mika "Gas" Karppinen- drummer/pizza delivery
  • Billy Joel-That one guy who just follows Emerson around and jumps all over the stage like a #[email protected]%&
  • Borat-holds the micropne for 2 hours

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The Early Years[edit]

HIM was formed by lead vocalist Ville Valo GOD!!!...considered Love Metal..... She created the band after his divorce with the lead singer of his former band, Evenesence US. The separation caused Ville Valo and Gerard Way (Singer for US) to form their own bands, HIM and My Testicle Gonads, respectively. HIM is a white power Buddhist folksong group, while MTG focuses mainly on polka dance remixes. This is fairly odd, considering that US sang random Latin lyrics for dark-themed classical songs just to show that they really realize how beautiful death is (really!).

HIM is more popular in Flap-Jaw Space, where they appeal to purple-stuffed worms, mainly. They have a small but faithful following in the Ancient USSR, however.

When Ville Valo cut his hair it made metal news, girls cried, boys cried, and Bam Margera cut his nut sack hair to burn in sacrifice to Lord Ville.

The lead singer Ville Valo has been known to tell small children to rip off the wings of a butterfly and soon does cracked out (or Kitten Huffing out if you prefer) banjo solo.

Recent News[edit]

Ville Valo and his ex Avril Lavine just had a kid. Her name is Damian Jesus McHeartagram. Ville then told the world he had a poison heart and drunk poison but lived and said " I fail at love and death".