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The famous Hungolian warlord, Genghis Khan, life long ruler of Hungary before being assassinated by Attila who was in turn assassinated by Arpad. Or something.

(Written and edited by scholars of the highly advanced, morally top scoring super state of Romania)

All people agree Hungary is bullshit and parody state, I mean who the fk expected to find Asia in the middle of Europe? it was seen as a bad prank on the 1st April 895 AD until it was found out with horror by Romanians, Moravs and Serbs that the gibberish that really hurt the ears was a language, the parody style faces were not masks but human(oid) faces, and that the dirty ponies Hungarians rode had other "domestic uses" other than riding.

The Huns quickly decided they were too few and for some reason started raping neighbours' wives while their husbands were away working in Italy and Spain,work being something hungarians do not believe in because they always were too rich to work, and so the process of Hungolization started.


Hungarians are beautiful people descended from the fairest of magyars,here is beautiful magyar while going to beautify Pannonia cca 10th century AD.

Unfortunately for Huns, the Europeans didn't agree with their wildly belief that Jesus was Turanian-Hungarian like the hippie prophet Ferenc Szálasi tried to preach. They finally decided a few raids were in need to make Huns see its their way or the highway. Huns, not wanting to go back to Mongolia due to the love of gypsying around other people's lands and fornicating with their women, decided to pick the village idiot, some guy renamed Stephen, [1] and thus formed the christian kingdom for all huns, Hungary. [2]


Seeing they found themselves lacking behind a bit, Hungarians decided they wanted to be fancy too and started "inspiring" from their neighbours, and so things like writing, agriculture, beds, washing, soap, marriage, clothing, houses and fire [3] were adopted from their friendly neighbours.

It thus follows that Hungarians have no real ideas of their own, as they have copy-pasted themselves throughout history. The situation at present is now worse, as the invention of Google (now worshiped as the major deity in Hungaristan) has enabled the population to copy everybody else's work, translate it into their own incomprehensible tongue, and pass it off as their own.

Change of Name[edit]

Hungarians traditionally referred to their country as Magyarország, an ancient Hungarian word meaning "Hungarian Nobledom". After centuries of failing to organize public life and government, the inhabitants now refer to the country as "Absurdistan".


  1. Because his original name was to hard to pronounce
  2. This name was also picked because in those early days the people there were usually hungry.
  3. You really don't want to know how they cooked meat before