Hitler's Gas und Grill!

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“They're ideal for toasting bagels!”

~ Mrs. Rosenberg

“Wait a minute, is this stuff kosher?”

“ It's so good i'd put my name on it”

Hitler's Gas und Grill! (or HGG) is a industrial corporation and great supplier of large Industrial ovens and gas chambers. These ovens were greatly used by the Nazis in WWII.

Adolf Hitler was always ready to entertain guests at his summer BBQ's at the Berghof.


The Nazi Council running out of money and resources for Hitler's relentlessly Jew killing one day had an idea for how they could gain a massive amount of money. they worked on Large industrial Grills and gas chambers and were going to distribute them world wide targeted mainly at Restaurants

The Defective Machine Scam[edit]

As a greedy way to save up on money each product was designed with a brake down mechanism installed. It was designed so that after 2 years of the using the product the product would spontaneously crash and stop working. The product would be sent back to the corporation without refund and they would fix it and later redistribute it.

The Africa Strategy[edit]

Africa well known for it's rampant cannibalism is a main buyer of HGG as the products were designed for manslaughter. Many African meals have actually been inspired by the overwhelmingly amount of HGG grills around. These include:

  • Smoked Human Grinds
  • Stomach soup
  • Roasted White meat
  • Roasted Black meat
  • Roasted Asian Meet
  • Leg kabob

and many more.

McDonald's Partnership[edit]

HGG McDonald's sponsors

HGG is very famous for its great and loving partnership with McDonald's. It's essentially the reason McDonald's was put on the map McDonald's uses at least 3 of their grills per restaurant. During the WWII era the restaurants used to fry jews and serve them as food, the problem was most jews with all there fasting holidays were just too skinny to make enough burgers. So as a tactic they would kidnap, brainwash and force little Jewish children to binge eat until they were so fat their hearts stopped.

Today McDonald's focuses on abducting obese Americans and use their fatty entrails in the HGG ovens to cook and redistribute them as food worldwide.


Grills and Fryers[edit]

Product Description
Supreme Jew Fryer A standard issue fryer from HGG
Supreme Jew Fryer V 2.0 An updated Fryer with less Greece and better blood disposal
Führer Grill similar to the Supreme Jew fryer only more rounded and with much more people holding capacity
Führer Grill: Supurman Edition an much more durable version of the original Führer Grill
Final Solution Oven A limited released oven which was criticized for being way too expensive.

Previous Slogans[edit]

  • It's Hitlerrific!
  • It's Nazicastic
  • It's Führer Approved
  • Don't Be a Jew get grilled!
  • Get Grilled!
  • Tastes just like a bunch of dead Jews!
  • It's gold tooth stealing good!
  • Everything Mengele didn't use!