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The Hitler Gone Wild franchise, created by Joseph Goebbels, is a series by the production company Nazi Entertainment. It started in 1942, three years before Hitler's death. Hitler Gone Wild videos involve an infantry crew patrolling a party-heavy area frequented by Jews in search of attractive women who agree to "get a little crazy" with them. This involves exposure of boobies and/or asses. Sometimes the infantry crew follows a group of women back to a hotel and taping them engaging in sexual acts. All this usually happens before the heavy artillery arrived.


The videos have themes such as Hitler Gone Wild: Poland or Hitler Gone Wild: Sexy Sarajevo Sweethearts and are marketed to the Gestapo. They are chiefly sold via mail order and are frequently advertised on late-night radio infomercials, with a brief "warning" siren before the commercial begins.

Scene from: Hitler Gone Wild: One night in Paris (1940)

Hitler never punished women exposing themselves in a public area; moreover, Nazi Entertainment staff members claim, "Ve haff vays of making you strip." Many women who complained ended up being sent to concentration camps. It was the first volume that catapulted "Hitler Gone Wild" to fame, as it featured sex acts with three Mexican men and one Jewish oxen.


Despite the title, various critics said that Hitler only appeared in one of the two hundred and seventeen videos that were released. Even more, the series had many critics who said that it objectified women and was weakening the Nazi Party. All of those critics were silenced as they were also sent to concentration camps. In an open letter to the magazine "Nazi Weekly", the president of the "Hitler Gone Wild Fan Club" (made up of mostly the Gestapo and Hitler's Youth) wrote, "Participating in the videos is a personal choice."

"Wild Party Roosevelt" and several other knockoffs have used the Hitler Gone Wild formula with only minor changes and weren't as successful.

On April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler shot himself marking the end of the video series. There was a plea made by the US Marines to confiscate the videos for their own amusement, unfortunately they were unable to get the videos back from the Soviet army. During the Cold War, the Soviets built a wall around Berlin in order to show the movies on it. They shot anyone trying to catch a glimpse. After the Pink Floyd caused the Berlin wall to collapse, the tapes were seized by the American military and were disappointed to find out that the Russians accidentally recorded over them with the first two seasons of Full House.

Partial list of Hitler Gone Wild videos (unconfirmed)[edit]

  • Hitler Gone Wild: One night in Paris (1940)
  • Hitler Gone Wild (1942)
  • Hitler Gone Wild: Belgian Spring Break (1942)
  • Hitler Gone Wild: Craziest Gestapo Parties (1943)
  • Hitler Gone Wild: Goebells Little Girls (1943)
  • Hitler Gone Wild: Funkin' at Frankfurt (1944)
  • Hitler Gone Wild: Omaha Beach Invasion (1945)
  • Hitler Gone Wild: America Attacks (1945)
  • Hitler Gone Wild: Sex Starved Eva (ten volumes)
  • Hitler Gone Wild: Wet T-Shirt Suicide Pact (1945)

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