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A Hod Hasharonian Horse

Hos-Hasharon (hebrew:עוד הסוסות) prenounced as Susey Poni Mekaptzim is a city of horses in israel. The horses in this special city love to grow strawberries. It is the only city which has Jewish horses. According to The HOISA (Israeli Horses Organization) the horses make 250$ per month, while 50% of the horses work as Dungeaters.

The ancient Susey Poni Mekaptzim[edit]

3000 years ago, the city Hod Hasharon helped the children of Israel cross the red sea from Egypt to The Land of Israel. The Israeli Mossad sent jewish horses to spy after Pharaoh. Then the horses joined the army, and when the sea was divided they sacrificed themselves so that Children of israel could cross the sea and arrive at The land of Israel.

The Susey poni Mekaptzim today[edit]

A horse is being eaten by an invader hod hasharonian... yammi!!

Today hod hasharon is a mixed city, 30% are human and 70% are horses. The descent of the number of the horses is because the humans are eat the horses cruelly (well... I don't know if they are guilty, the horses there look like pigs... Ha...Ha...Ha)