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Holocaust affirmation is one of the sides of the highly controversial theory of Adolf Hitler's Holocaust. It's proponents claim that the Holocaust did indeed happen, and was not a Mel Gibson wet dream gone awry. People that ascribe to this theory are generally extremists; shunning practitioners of Holocaust denial as anti-semitic racists. As a result, many denialists prefer to avoid affirmationists rather than confront them, claiming that the affirmationists often act in an "uncouth and barbaric manner."

Support for the Theory[edit]

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There are a number of essential points to the theory that the Holocaust existed. First and foremost is the attempt by legal practitioners to establish habit. Supporters argue that history has established a pattern of habit of Jews being mercilessly slaughtered. Critics of the theory, however, claim that there are not enough incidents to establish pattern, and that these are merely previous bad acts and therefore inadmissible. Critics of these critics, however, claim that these critics of the supporters are attempting to deliberately whitewash certain times in history in which the Jews were slaughtered like cattle; for example, they claim, these critics are often prone to leave out times in history such as the Crusades or the Jewish enslavement at the hands of the Egyptians.

Eye Witnesses[edit]

Supporters also are wont to point out the vast number of eye witnesses of the event that allegedly survived the horrors. Critics, however, are very quick to point out that these so-called "eye witnesses" were almost all at one point detained by the government in Germany as criminals, and are therefore not credible. The critics of these critics are often hard pressed to find a counterpoint to this; it is well known that many of these eye witnesses were detained in Germany.

Criticism of the Theory[edit]

Ad Hominem Critique[edit]

Much of the criticism of the theory derives from an ad hominem denigration of the proponents themselves. It is pointed out, for instance, that proponents tend to be much more aggressive about supporting their views. Supporters of holocaust denial often find themselves at the receiving end of hatred and discrimination from these supporters. Furthermore, the aggressiveness with which supporters forced their views into the school system, thus making it the de-facto main stream belief is often construed as unfair marketing of one's beliefs.