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Home Alone is a 1990 movie about some kid being locked in his house during Christmas while the rest of his family is in France. Of course, hilarity ensues in zany and predictable ways when bandits try to rob the house. The situation ends 95.5% with the bandit being hit in the crotch by a blunt object.


The film starts with some wealthy family planning a Christmas vacation to France. The main character kid named Kevin doesn't want to share a hotel bed with some dingbat that pisses himself in his sleep. He gets in a fight with his brother over pizza. The next day, the family oversleeps and almost misses their flight. In the rush, they forget about Kevin, and the family is on a plane to France. Some kid pisses himself in his sleep and that's about that. The dipwad parents still haven't noticed that their son is in Chicago because they put themselves in First Class and the kids in coach. The kid thinks he made his family disappear after making some weird remarks how much they sucked. Kevin then proceeds to dance around his house while looking at smut magazines. He watches a movie that says "You better get your ugly keister off my property in 10 seconds or I'll fill you with lead. 1, 2, 3, 10! Boom Boom Boom! Keep the change you filthy animal!" The parents on the plane start to realize that something is missing, they realize that it is indeed their kid, Kevin. Bandits go in the house and some kid sees it. The family tries to call from Paris, but nothing happens. Irony is employed after the kid says he ain't afraid of nothing then sees some creepy dude and screams about it.

Thesis on how Home Alone represents the Great Depression[edit]

Kevin clearly represents American Society. He wishes that his family would disappear, then faces the consequences. This is identically parallel to American society wishing for wealth, getting it, enjoying it for a brief period of time, then facing the consequences that follow. The main antagonists in the film, the wet bandits are a representation of the Smoot-Hawley tariff.