Honda Prelude

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This is not a Honda Prelude.
(C) Original Hondogs/Mugen Concept Drawing for 5th generation super-barge - Designed by Jesus via George Michael J Fox's back door. Test driven by Marylin Manson whilst evading national service.

The Honda Prelude is the faster, less-sedate, non-euphoric version of the Honda Quaalude. Unlike the Prelude, the Quaalude is well known among enthusiasts & aficionados for its drowsiness, slurred speech and overall depressed demeanor.

The name Prelude originated from an accomplished counterstrike player currently a member of [R.A.S]. He bought the rights to this car in the year 1337 where intense negotiations with the dwarves of mordor resulted in the mutilation of several other counterstrike players. His current hobbies include soccer, Perversion and collecting sextoys.

It is important to note that, as a Schedule I vehicle, the Honda Quaalude is very difficult to score (unless you happen to know a guy, in which case, dude, hook me up!).

Three Co-founders in prelude of creating the Honda Civic and other Honda beverages like Honda Whisky, Hondogs and Red Bull and Honda, decided to get together and create something before it could be created.

The three co-founders, (and it is no secret to whom they where as it is stated in the Bible itself) called Jesus, Marylin Manson and the King of Pop George Michael J Fox, If you want to look these names up then it would be suggested to start reading the bible until you come to the letter J then read more until you get to the letter e then until the letter s, then u, then s, a,n,d, M,a,r,l… you get the picture.

And so the first Lewd act was started by Michael as a very basic car in a bathroom in Hollywood, since then it has evolved into 5 generations until it was decided that the 4th generation was the best by Marlin with its massive 2.2L engine and Vtec all the way! Yeah baby yeah! But the best of all features of this car are that it has a steering wheel, four wheels, doors, windows and not to forget the window sprayers that can be reversed for keeping pedestrians cool during summer.

The Story goes that the 5th generation was driven by Marlin Manson (The son of the Devil) which clashed with Jesus’ plans for the Gaza strip as a big drag race strip for suicide bombers once peace has resumed. Which is of course not something that Marlin The sweet nerd from the wonder years would approve off.

And so it is that the Honda Prelude was born as a prelude before it was created and ended only after five generations as a Lude act.