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Hookhead or H??K is a fictional serial killer in the Aaaah! It's A Guy With A Hook For A Head! horror movie series. He is well-known for his large stature, fishing fetish, and prominent hook for a head. He first appeared in Aaaah! It's A Guy With A Hook For A Head! as a jaywalking mentally handicapped fisherman and rapist wearing a white mask and a Christmas sweater that his deranged mother made, when a group of teenagers run him over in their car as he walks to his deranged mother's house from his summer camp. One year later, Hookhead's soul becomes trapped in a doll and he extracts revenge on his callous killers through their dreams. It should also be noted that he was initially released from hell via a puzzle box and that he murdered his entire family as a child, including his own mother who he later cannibalized.

Hookhead has appeared in four movies since 1999, and will be in his 5th movie, "Hookhead vs. Godzilla" in 2010.


"Hookhead" was the idea of M. Night Shyamalan, Wes Craven, Rob Zombie, and a bunch of Asian horror film directors in late 1997. The trio got together at the premier of "Scream 2" where Shyamalan reportedly pitched the idea to Craven for suggestions. Shyamalan's original idea was about a village of colonial idiots living in the modern times. Rob Zombie was introduced to the idea, and suggested that the residents of the village be Satanic immortal cannibals. The rest of the group liked the idea, and they spent the next few months coming up with the character and an appropriate movie script.


In Aaaah! It's A Guy With A Hook For A Head!, Hookhead first appears in dream to the main character, Susie Pattysmith, until he impales her in the throat with a trident on Friday the 13th, which is also Halloween for some fucking reason. She awakens from the dream horrified, but is assured that everything is fine by her father who happens to be a Satanic immortal cannibal. Things go awry as other villagers start disappearing in their dreams. Susie escapes by leaving the village, but it all turns out to be a dream and she wakes up in her Midwest apartment.

In the sequel, Hookhead sets up an elaborate trap for Susie and her friends in which they must cut off their own feet. Half way through the boring-ass movie, Hookhead just walks into the room and hacks them all to death. It all turns out to be a hallucination. Except her friends really do end up getting hacked to death. Confusing, isn't it? There's also a part where he tucks his penis in between his legs and dances around in the mirror.

In his third movie, Hookhead creates mysterious crop circles in Iowa where Susie Pattysmith is visiting her distant family on their evil-looking farm. The crop circles are initially thought to be aliens, but it turns out it's just Hookhead who hacks everyone to death. Susie fights off the deranged serial killer, using various weapons that would kill an average human being. She shoots him twenty times, sets him on fire, shoots him with a speargun, and drops a GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb on him. She escapes but the killer lives on. At the very end it all turns out to have just been a dream.

Hookheads next movie was not created by any of the original creators of the series, and as such it deviates from the original flow of the series. It takes place twenty years before the first movie so as to avoid any conflicting plots. It was a B-rate created by some amateur college kids. In it, Hookhead stalks a lonely babysitter who he then hacks to death with a butterknife. Hookhead then travels to Eastern Europe where he joins an underground business that allows people to torture captured victims for a price. He tortures an Asian woman to death. The business expects their payment and confronts Hookhead, who refuses to hand over his immortal soul as an I.O.U. He hacks twenty people to death until the entire facility is blown up by alien tripods. It all turns out to be a dream.

The last movie was released in 2008. In it, Susie Pattysmith uses a Scientologist to induce a thetan trance and confront Hookhead in her dreams, letting the Scientologist wake her up before Hookhead could get her, purging him into the real world, where he was hooked onto a coathanger and shortly starved to death thereafter. Actually, that all turns out to be a dream. Hookhead then confronts her in one of her own dreams and strangles her to death with dental floss.

Little is known about his upcoming movie, except that he expected to battle Godzilla.

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