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The Early days[edit]

Pop was of earliest and most unsuccessful of all the Dr. Suss characters. In 1976, he was hired from the well known acting school located in the north est section of Middle Earth ( you know, that place with the imaginary things...). He started off a writer, writing screen plays for low beget nature movies, but he wanted more. So in 1979 he auditioned for the part Pop in "hop on pop" after several months he got the part. But then things turned from bad to worse...(well they soon will).

By late 1980 Pop was seeking legal compensation after claims of abuse done by kids jumping on him. He sais "I never knew the job would be like this, it wasn't in the job description." Pop sued Dr. Suss for a sum of money so large that it cripled the world's economy, raising the price of a comic book from $0.15 in the US to $400,000,000,000 in the US. Then world responed by shooting all the worlds economists and forcing the price back down to a respectable S3.99. Pop was living the good life, until he did what all rich people did whan they had to much money, drugs (Don't do drugs kids, you end up like pop, all screwed over).

...By late 1980 Pop was seeking legal compensation...when boys randomly jerked their gerkin in his eyes.

The Late and more then often Emo days[edit]

Kids abusing poor old pop

By 1992, he blew his entire fortune on drugs, on the streets with nothing to do he turned to prostitution as a source of income. This didn't turn out to well, as you may have noticed from the picture to the right, he is a bear. After being convicted for high treason in 1993, he was being hunt down and put on the most wanted list. Trying to escape the law he moved to the only place that would take him in, the communist state of East Korea. There he lived performing intense mathematical formulas such as:

This where Billy has 6 apples( x=apples because its variable, it could also equal anything else you wanted it to, even a number, but that wouldn’t make any sense would it, well it would, you could have 6 2s for example then you would have a 12. Why have a 12 when you could have anything else really, it would have to be a multiple of 6 of course, but other than it could be anything. For the sake of the example its going to be apples) and Jane has 4 oranges. Because they are both stupid, they don't realise this is impossible. They have just created a paradox.


It has been argued that apples are really the true masters of the world, and in their war against oranges created the human race. This is why we don't know the true face of god, because he is an apple. But that’s another story...

Pop's Death[edit]

Pop died January 1st 2000, no one knows how he died. Was it Dr. Suss out for revenge, or was it the apples because he knew to much, maybe it the was Y2K Bug, it could even be the addmis at uncyclopedia? Know one nos. One thing is for sure, he's probably jumping on some kids in the afterlife.

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