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A typical Hope

Hope is the name of a flower common to the Isle of Man. It is thought that there are over 30,000 different species of hope and it is thought that when in close contact to a Hope flower, the body is overwhelmed by a sense of excitement and a feeling that something good may happen, even though the person is left completely unconscious. The flower is extremely toxic and should not be smoked, swallowed, or danced around. Unless, of course, toxic hopefulness is the state one seeks to achieve.

Hope History[edit]

Hope was first discovered by Devin Smith in 1874 when travelling to Isle of Man. There was a large field of Hope plants, cultivation and constant renewal of which soon turned into a massive business venture. Wilde established 'Hope Industries' where he bottled up Hope flowers and sold them as a spray. The user experienced a euphoric sense of a sense of something that will be good in the future, this feeling is known as 'hope'. It is thought that out of this venture, over 30,000 species sprang up world wide and is today one of the most populous living beings worldwide. Oscar Wilde, however, forgot the way home and returned very late to discover that a burnt dinner had led to the total incineration of his favourite outhouse, not something he had hoped for. '

Hope Dangers[edit]

Smith's venture soon turned sour after massive casualties caused by people trying to smoke, swallow and dance around hope. This proved to be fatally misleading due to the massive hope overload experienced by major nations, who began to make wild economic and military predictions. Developing nations attempted to catch up and are still in the throes of devastation brought on by sucking up to the Hope distributed by first world nations. In the state of Burma, Hope dancing is the 5th biggest killer, after toilet related injuries (4th), Military brutality (3rd), Chuck Norris related injuries (2nd) and seizures (1st). Hope in many nations is classed as a 3rd class drug. Devin Smith would be turning in his grave; that is, if they had remembered to put him in one had they not being so sidetracked by believing that Hope could resurrect him. It is posited that any one of the planet's current inhabitants may accidentally stumble across his remains and pipe any minute now. But perhaps that is being a little too hopeful.

Hope And Non-Existence[edit]

The following is a short list things that prove Hope may well not exist other than in the sense of the beholder and that it will be destroyed immediately if it ever tries to come into existence.

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