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A hostage will often scream, cry and often cower against a wall during your average robbery. Do not try to get rid of them, despite their annoying behavior and bad dress sense they will often give you some time and make the job a little bit more interesting. haha. Also, they make good meatshields. Most often they are of white caucasian descent and are held by men of color or race, mostly black, islamic, mexican, if you're lucky, asian, and almost never a 40 year old white man.

Where to find a hostage[edit]

Hostages can be found at all major banks, shopping centers and are often found on-board airplanes. The easiest way to find the hostages during a robbery is to simply aim your gun upwards, fire and then yell something incoherent. Hostages will then proceed to scream for approximately 3.512 seconds and then run in any direction you happen to point your gun. Do not actually try to talk to hostages, the only thing they are capable of saying are "Arghhhhh!"

A more common location for hostages is in cs_office behind the counter in the corner by the windows. If you're not at the office, try looking in the shed in cs_compound behind the building. Beware, as these hostages are very stupid and cannot escort themselves to the rescue zone. If you are the terrorists, then you may desire to do one of the following two things: 1.Kill the good guys 2. Kill the hostages. If you are unable to find these hostages, then that is proof that you are, in fact, an epic failure.


There are several different types of hostages:

  • Average Female: The average female hostage will often dress in slightly out of date clothing and will often have permed hair. When the shots are fired she will proceed to scream, grab a small child for protection against any stray bullets and then run to wall farthest from the door.
  • Average Male: The average male is usually a mute, however there is the odd one that stands his ground shouting "gun" continuously until he is shot by a "gun". The others will quite often run towards the farthest wall with their hands above their head, once they have reached the wall they will grab the nearest female and continue to hold her at a distance.
  • The child: The child will often stand around with a confused expression on his or her face throughout the entire hostage situation. Beware of children under the age of 5, as they do not know the difference between real life and video games. This may cause them to think that they are playing Counter-Strike, and they may attack you.
  • The Hero: The hero is the most dangerous of them all, unlike other hostages this one might actually have a personality. The hero will generally be male and act like the other males until it suddenly decides to make the situation worse by spear tackling one of the robbers. The average life expectancy is 3 minutes into the situation.

How to handle them[edit]

The Fly giving an example of How to Handle the Hostage, motherfucker

Most banks are located beside the road allowing a full view into the bank through an enormous window, surprisingly people generally don't walk into the bank during a situation; they also fail to notice the robbery in progress while walking past this enormous window. However, it should be noted that it is rude to leave the bank without pressing a hostage up to the window holding a gun to his or her head. The SWAT team will then watch from a distance and then kill you in the most horrible way possible. To avoid being killed,there are three posible things you can do:

1:kill all your hostages. Yes, that's right, don't kill one each hour working your way up to the President's daughter (or anyone else of importance that happens to be there), kill them all at once. This will then confuse the police allowing you to escape. The trick to any hostage situation is to act the opposite to what is expected of any high profile terrorist who prefers giving the cops a chance, and once the police become used to this new kind of terrorist, switch back.

2:Have one of your hostages call for Spiderman. Then make him swing you and your hostage to safety(dropping your hostage on the way).

3:Do the same as number 2 except keep your hostage with you,then tie them to train tracks and wait for train or go to McDonalds.