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“That's hot.”

~ Paris Hilton on Everything

“That's hot!”

~ Paris Hilton on the inside of an oven

“It's pretty hot.”

~ That Guy on Australia and its citizenry

“Brandon Flowers is so hot! *Faints*”

~ Girl on Brandon Flowers' hotness


1 It also means to look at men 2 Can also be used to express a quick rate of decay. For instance, "Don't eat the meat, it's hot." "My grandmother is so hot!"

3 Unit of measurement.

4 An adjective used to describe likeliness of expansion in the phallus of a male caused by the mere presence of a female. Often rated on a scale of one to ten, based on the percentage chance (1=10%) that the phallus will enlarge. Hot(s) are quite helpful in getting laid.

5 Also an adjective to describe Halle Berry or Nelly Furtado both of whom through the production of Fartium have achieved temperatures hotter than the surface of the sun reaching critical ass.

6 One of the five classical loathing elements, which rules over spooky and cold elements, and is in turn ruled over by sleaze and stench.

7 Emily & Peter.

8 Oirxcat and Xeda.

9 Fire.

10 Craig Ferguson

11 some dude

History of Hotness[edit]

Hotness was first experimented with by female cavemen two years before they were born. Though quite miserable at being hot, they were able to plant the seeds for years to come. By the time the Egyptians were around, some females were able to achieve a reasonable degree of hotness. The Ancient Greeks, though often queer, also were adept at recognizing that hotness usually increases as the amount of clothing decreases. This is why statues were often done in nudity. Then comes the Dark Ages. Christianity had become a powerful force, and said that nude bodies could not be seen in the light. This is why the period was known as the Dark Ages, lights were turned off whenever possible for attempts at viewing something Hot. More recently, Hot has neared perfection in such instances as Jessica Alba, Carmen Electra, and Lindsay Lohan's boobs Jay Funk and Jeremy Willis have tapped all those girls said before. Just lettin you know we were here first.

A Hot is the relative distance one has to sit away from a fire divided by the diameter of a fire. The Sun being 868,750 miles across and 93,000,000 miles away from Earth therefore has a measure of 107 Hots. shannnon mcgovern is so hot!!!!!

Note: Whilst Maria Sharapova's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and may be considered to be very hot, the actual distance that the average gent would like to be away from her is very small. She therefore has a measurement of less than 1 Hot

See Also : The Hot Paradox as applied to women here, here, here and finally here.

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