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“I would do her body good”

~ <insert name here> milking an old "me on any hot chick I've ever seen" joke.
Fuck me from everywhere
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Hot Chicks are a subclass of girl. Because they ate a lot of spinach when they where five they are much more attractive than other forms of girls (therefore making them much more desirable). Unfortunately they are usually far less suitable ‘mates' than other ordinary girls. They rarely cook, clean, or help in any way whatsoever. They WILL bitch and annoy you beyond belief most of the time. Experts say Hot Chicks are worth all these troubles though. Do not be disheartened for there are some Hot Chicks that are willing to sleep with you known as Prostitutes. A note of caution: Prostitutes could land your stupid ass in jail, so it is highly recommended that you do not do any intimate sort of activity with a prostitute.' You know you want to do her!' It is widely agreed that anyone who visits the hot chick page on uncyclopedia will never have sexual intercourse with one unless they are female. PLEASE CAN YOU WANK OVER THESE HOT MEN

Types of Hot Chicks[edit]

                   Brunette (she should lift her dress)

                   Blonde (she should move her sweatshirt)
              (she shouldn't do anything)

                   Chicken (HOT!!!)

Finite variations of Hot Chicks:[edit]

Here are a few:

Hot Chick.jpg

Other terms[edit]

There are many other names for hot chicks, this changes vastly from region to region. Here are some examples;

580290309 6f4c312d4b.jpg
  • Babe
  • Chick
  • Biddie
  • Slut
  • xeT
  • Lash
  • Hardbody
  • your mom
  • your other mom
  • your sister
  • your grandmother
  • your great grandmother
  • your great great grandmother
  • your great great great grandmother
  • your great great great great grandmother who was never married to your great great great great grandfather, see whore
  • Cutie
  • MILF
  • Doll
  • Fuckable
  • Fuckalishious
  • Hottie
  • The one with big boobs
  • Mouthbreathers
  • bootylicious
  • Azn
  • Lindsay [email protected]%$*!
  • GILF*

Hot Chicks and the Internet[edit]

Feminine Articles
Articles About Feminine Issues

There are two ways of encountering a Hot Chick on the internet.

  • The first is by visiting certain specialised websites, they are known as ‘pornography’ sites. They may be hard to find but they contain pictures of Hot Chicks, usually with other Hot Chicks.
  • The second is on any forum, message board, chat room or messenger programme. All Hot Chicks found here are either a figment of your imagination or are in fact 58 year old men, DO NOT BE FOOLED!

Hot Chicks and other Hot Chicks[edit]

Hot Chicks are sometimes, but usually not, bisexual. In fact, in the event of two Hot Chicks meeting, they will almost never end up sleeping together. If this DOES happen, you need either a new life or a new date or BOTH! There is usually a conveniently placed cameraman nearby to capture this, or at the very least someone will write down and document the encounter, and then place it on a highly credible site that hosts these type of true stories. Sad, ain't it?

Hot girl budapest.jpg

Relationship of Tequila to Hot Chicks[edit]

It has been scientifically shown that Gin, Tequila, and other spirits can change the way one views chicks and make some appear hotter than perhaps they might upon sober reflection. See One-night stand, Sex, and Stripper for more information.

Another "Hot Chick" that will definitely leave you heartbroken[edit]

She will NEVER know you exist. EVER. No matter how much you want it.

Three notable "Hot Chicks" from the Mario series[edit]

Hot Mario princess.jpg

MORE hot chicks from Nintendo[edit]

Hot Nintendo Chicks.jpg

See also[edit]

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