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Startrek-BSoD.gif Errors, errors, errors on Windows? Because the dumb registry. In this article, I will teach you how to fix registry.

STEP 1 - Finding regedit.exe[edit]

Go to Start Menu > Run, and type regedit.exe, the dumb Windows Vista may ask your for permission.

STEP 2 - Finding the errors[edit]

Most errors of registry were caused by the messed-up numbers and letters like {B00B-A55-2345-AAAA-AAAAAA}, find them all!

STEP 3 - Deleting the errors[edit]

Delete all folders with numbers and letters like {B00B-A55-2345-AAAA-AAAAAA}, because Bill Gates' evilness messed up the folders' names.

STEP 4 - Close and restart[edit]

Close Regedit, and reboot.

STEP 5 - The error wasn't fixed[edit]

After restart...
Look, the error wasn't fixed, but according to Urban Dictionary, the registry exists because it only cause errors, so go back to STEP 1 and delete the whole registry!

STEP 6 - Restart... again[edit]

and restart. You will see this...
Screw Windows, Windows is the real source of error. Delete Windows NOW! and smash your computer!

STEP 7 - Get Linux[edit]

Buy a new computer and install Linux See HowTo:Install_Linux if you are too dumb

STEP 8 - Linux sucks, reinstall Windows[edit]

Linux sucks, I can't install Linux, so reinstall Windows, maybe Windows XP (see HowTo:Install_Windows_XP)


The registry errors strikes back! go back to STEP 1!

Breaking the infinite loop[edit]

If you are smart, and you broke the loop, you should... DESTROY MICROSOFT AND KILL BILL GATES!

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