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Getting away with murder is easy and rewarding. But there are a few important pointers to keep in mind when you decide it's time to take this life-changing step.


Yea. By the time your face is on the poster, it's probably a bit late.

The first thing to do when you want to get away with murder is to find a good, relaxing location. Many people go the same place year after year, because they love it so. This can be very nice. Other people find it more rewarding to change things up now and then. It's really up to you. The most important thing to remember is that you are finding a place where you can both relax and let off the stress of the daily grind.


Travel light! This is vital. Nothing ruins a trip like this like the burden of lost, damaged, or even heavy luggage. Most places will have everything you and murder will need, so think twice before you bring that amenity. Is it really that important to you while you are away? Can you live without it until you and murder get back?

Pulling It Off[edit]

Be nice to murder. She may appear to have shell of unfathomable sadness but you have to seduce her if you are going to attempt to get away with it. If you are a female your screwed over, but that doesn't matter because women are never charged with murder anyway. If you simply realize that murder is a kind girllooking for a good time, I'm sure that both of you will have an incredibly pleasant time during your getaway.

Your companion[edit]

The other most important thing is making sure murder is relaxed and confident about your trip planning and execution.

This starts with carefully arranging your meet-up time and place. The best options are either you meet up at murder's place and drive to the airport from there, or murder comes to your place. Meeting at a third location is not advisable, as it introduces margins for error that can ruin a good get-away vacation.

Have a tentatively scheduled itinerary that is open to whatever whims that may occur to you at any time. A rigid schedule can just seem like more grind, but no schedule at all gives the impression of a poorly planned trip. Murder will be much happier if you show some attention to detail without overburdening the vacation with much ado.

Flight arrangmements[edit]

When it comes to planning the flight, however, do not skimp on the careful attention to details. Getting away is a great and rewarding experience, and getting away with murder makes it that much sweeter. But a botched flight can bring the whole thing to a horrible halt, and leave you and murder arguing the entire time.


We all need to get away now and then. It's a vital part of modern life. But when you want to get away, it doesn't get better than when you do it with your good friend, murder. Just remember a few easy pointers, and your trip should be fun and rewarding.