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The Laws of Getting Away With Littering[edit]

In life you need food and what is food commonly contained in? <insert food packaging name here>. Sometimes you may be so so far away from a rubish bin that you say "To hell with walking those 7ft to the bin", so you decide to drop your rubish. Well then when you do that a pack of Grues will attack you and unless you're a ninja your scrooged! In the list below I will tell you the rules of littering.

1. It's not littering if nobody can see it and see you doing it. Basically If I was to place a plastic chip packet in a tree trunk and someone saw me doing it that wouldn't count and grues would eat you alive.

2. It's not littering if it's a weird place. If I was to place a banana skin in a birds nest thats on fire in the middle of Australia or on top of a dancing watermelon it would be accepted.

3. It's not littering if you put it in somebody's clothes without them knowing. Many people get this wrong as if you are trying to stick a cucumber down your best friend's pants he will probably notice and if not he is pretending and is Gay. Place it in his pocket or man bag.

4. It's not littering if you're Chuck Norris. Chuck is too cool for littering.

5. If you are dressed up as a celeberity it's not littering. If you are dressed up as someone like Elvis or that Russian Porn Star, not someone like Tom Cruise, everyone knows crazy people can't be celebrities.


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